Two Goats

Helping women build financial freedom

A Sustainable Livestock Plan

  • We provide two animals (goats or sheep) to each woman at a cost of about $165 per woman.
  • We also provide four days at a total cost of $110
  • Access to veterinary care is provided at a cost of $10 per animal.
  • The women fatten the goats or lambs for six months and then sell them when the market value is high.
  • 75% of our original investment plus 5% of the profit is returned to us.
  • A bank account is opened and the balance of the profit is split between the bank and providing for their family
  • We repeat this process for four years, at which time they have saved enough to continue without further help from us

This also enables them to afford the cost of books and materials for their children’s education

The Impact

  • Currently there are 15 women participating in the plan.
  • We have a waiting list of over 350 women who want to take part in this plan.

The Rest of the Story

We can’t do this without your support.
Your kindness and generosity is what will make a lifelong impact in lives of families and children in Burkina Faso.

You will probably never meet them, but you can be sure that they are extremely grateful for the hope and opportunity that your giving provides.