Beans And A Hoe

Working with families to create sustainable communities

A Sustainable Agricultural Plan

  • We provide seeds, fertilizer, tools, and materials necessary for women to grow crops
  • The village chief offered land that can be used for farming
  • Every rainy season (June-September) the women gather together to grow crops and sell a portion of their harvest in the local market
  • A bank account is opened where the initial investment amount plus 20% of the profit is saved for the following year
  • The rest of the profit and the remaining portion of the crops are shared among the women to enable them to take care of their families and provide food on the table

This also enables them to afford the cost of books and materials for their children’s education

The Impact

  • Currently there are 72 women participating in the plan.
  • We have a waiting list of over 267 women who want to take part in the plan.

The Rest of the Story

We can’t do this without your support.
Your kindness and generosity is what will make a lifelong impact in lives of families and children in Burkina Faso.

You will probably never meet them, but you can be sure that they are extremely grateful for the hope and opportunity that your giving provides.