Living Above the Dirt

Preventing infection by the “Bouglee” parasitic insect

Concrete Floors for Better Health

The parasitic insect, called “Bouglee” in the native language, lives in the dirt on the ground and feeds on live flesh.

Sleeping on the dirt floor of their mud brick homes, the people are regularly subjected to the insects boring into their skin causing both pain and infection and requiring frequent trips to a hospital .

If a hospital visit is not possible, removal of the insects is attempted using a knife which often leads to infection.

  • We provide cement
  • The village people provide the sand and gravel needed to create a strong concrete mix.
  • The village people provide all of the labor for mixing and pouring the concrete
  • The family home to get the concrete floor is determined by drawing lots.

The Impact

  • To date, 70 families in total have benefited from this plan.
  • They are no longer experiencing health issues related to the “Bouglee” insect.
  • Less of the families limited resources is spent on medical treatment.
  • Students are attending school much more regularly than before.

The Rest of the Story

We can’t do this without your support.
Your kindness and generosity is what will make a lifelong impact in lives of families and children in Burkina Faso.

You will probably never meet them, but you can be sure that they are extremely grateful for the hope and opportunity that your giving provides.